Sunday, August 18, 2019

Quora: What has China underestimated about the US?

Peter Talbot, Worked 30 years as a trade specialist in marine logistics answered.

China has never underestimated the size of the US markets, nor the effectiveness of the dollar as the world’s settlement currency. China has never underestimated US technical development (and have copied and tried to surpass the US in many respects). In balance, the Central Committee has also never underestimated the short-sightedness and racism of much US foreign policy due to the USA’s need to sound “populist” to motivate some voting blocs in elections.

China has occasionally underestimated the capacity of the US to be self-destructive and violent without any clear strategy or tactic for their military bluster. Given the familiarity of the CCP leadership with US academia and intelligentsia, and the multi-lingual nature of their internal debate, the only thing that China sometimes underestimates regarding the USA is its stupidity and unwillingness to learn from experience. The current illiterate and moronic administration of the USA and even its Democratic “populist” progressive opponents are very depressing to the Chinese, because they see America clearly sliding toward a shooting war just in order to prevent dealing with the consequences of the USA’s own policies regarding trade, Taiwan and energy.

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