Thursday, September 26, 2019

Increase in public transport fares

The govt has announced a possible increase of 7% in public transport fares to cover higher operating cost.

This increase is excessive. Here are my reasons.

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fairplay said...

Our bus system is not optimised, it should be optimised to save cost first before increasing the fare to cover the cost.
These areas need to look into:
1. Too many bus services. TKL proposed a few main services and many shuttle, sounds feasible.
2. Too many buses at interchange at any one time. Multiply by the number of interchange, there are many unused assets sitting in the interchange. When buses reach interchange, another driver should take over while the previous driver take a rest.
3. Changing colour and name of buses does not increase the efficiency but adds to its cost.
4. Implement simple solutions rather than spend alot on monitors to show the bus location in the buses. Just display the serial busstop number at the 'BUS STOPPING' display above the driver.
5. Allow passenger to board from the rear exit also to speed up the boarding process and also not clogging the front of the bus. Impose heavy fines for cheating by not tapping the card.
6. Get rid of the ERP IU reader. Bus transport is a must have, no need to pay ERP.
7. Get rid of the COE if any. It is public transport, a public goods.
8. Nationalised the bus system, no need for public money to run the system, no need to pay dividends.

There are other points that the public can add, especially from Mr Tan Kin Lian. Send this to LTA and they have to reply.

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