Friday, September 27, 2019

Quora: What can China do to make Trump sweat?

Paul Noel, former Research Scientist 6 Level 2 UAH Huntsville Al. (2009-2014)

President Trump holds all the cards and he knows it. China cannot make him sweat.

China entered this trade war thinking they could bluff President Trump out. Their position was somewhat tolerable. As the US ratched up the tariffs China began to hemorrhage billions of dollars a day in trade position. Worse yet competitors to China such as Vietnam were fast filling in the market. Domestically in the US the people began filling in the market.

I met a man today who was in training at United States Steel Birmingham under contract with NuCor. He will be helping open an ultra modern steel mill in Pittsburgh Pa. US Steel is opening 12 new mills in the US. That work will never go back to China. In their tantrum against the US China has slit their own throat. The US is going to be a superpower in industry again. These mills will make cars for the US and around the world. They will make much more.

President Trump is not sweating at all. Maybe you should learn what his sister told about him. She said growing up with him she learned never to compete with Donald Trump he always won! China is learning this too.

The situation with China as of Sept 21, 2019 is very bad. China finds itself with its crops in 50% failure. Brazil is not filling in the demand as their crops are down. The US crops are tight but the US is the only nation with food for China. China is so desperate now as they find themselves without income and without food and the only nation that can carry China is the US. That means back to the table with President Trump hat in hand.

China has permanently lost 1/3 of their economy in this trade war. They have just had to release strategic food reserves including 100,000 tons of frozen pork. Their government is on the edge of collapse and I mean end of the communist government and they slammed the Americans under President Trump making him more intractable to them. China is losing its ability to even survive and it needs to beg to the USA.

Sweat! China is sweating blood and President Trump is about to rake in the chips. China thought they had taken control of the US. Now they find out Karma is very unfriendly when you do bad things.

Remember China started this trade war about 30 years ago. It is only now that President Trump said end it.

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