Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Quora: Why does Trump's trade war with China actually hurt Beijing less?

Richard Seeto, because of my interest in its history and the way it has been exploited & rubbis

The reason Trump’s trade war with China actually hurt Beijing less is because of many factors.

Firstly, China has been hardened by decades past of the US perfidy in its diplomatic and commercial dealings with the country which uses sanctions in all sort of ways as its first resort in dealing with any problems of its own short-sighted making.

Secondly, unlike Trump who is making conflict by reneging on decades old traditional dealings with the world and alienating every country it feels like, China is making friends with others and promoting trade so that where her exports to the world hegemon diminishes, she is making up for the slack with her other export destinations.

Thirdly, with Trump’s logic, the imposition of his tariffs on China was claimed by him that it is China who is paying for the extra imposts fully realizing that the importer, in this case, the US which is footing the bill but those of his supporters are so blinded by his lies, swallow his every word, hook, line and sinker would accept his words without question.

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Terence Wong said...

It depends on what you mean by hurt. If Chinese factories starts closing n laying off people, Trump wins. If American businesses move their manufacturing out of China, Trump wins. China, like evety other country in the world, needs to export for foreign exchange. Only the USA can print whatever money it needs with impunity. If China priducers absorb the tariffs, it is only short term. If Beijing devalues the Yuan, the Chinese people pays the price.

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