Saturday, November 02, 2019

Quora: Why do some people not admit that China is in the weaker side in the trade war against the US?

Andres Garcia, I have lived and studied in several American countries answered.

Because for many people China is not on the weaker side.
Because some people know that strength in a globalized economy cannot be measured by that outdated term known as “trade deficit”.
Because some people know that many times it can be worse for a country to lose its imports than reducing its exports, especially for a 21st century consumer-based economy.
Because some people read more than one source to get their news, and don't call any information they don't like as “fake news”
Because for some people facts still have more weight than wishes.
How is that good-and-easy-to-win trade war going, by the way? Last time that I checked, by mere curiosity, the TV channel preferred by the president, they claimed about a thousand times that China was going to surrender very soon. This happened around a year and a half ago.

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