Monday, April 03, 2006

Assessment on the spot

Straits Times

I refer to the letters, 'Pictures can help settle insurance claims' by Mr Sin Chee Kharn and 'Refusal to submit report foils claim' by Mr Goh Khee Kuan (ST, March 29).

Mr Sin shared the usefulness of submitting photographs of a motor accident scene in the claims process.

Each month, NTUC Income handles about 2,000 motor accident claims. About 10 per cent of these are disputed by the parties, who give conflicting versions of the accident.

Since Dec 15 last year, we have introduced the 'assessment-on-the-spot' service. This service provides roadside assistance to motorists at the scene of accident. Motorists who need help after an accident can call 67886616. Once the service is activated, our appointed assessor will arrive at the accident scene in about 15 minutes.

The assessor helps our policyholder and the third party driver to assess the damage at the scene of the accident. He also helps them fill in Singapore Accident Statement (SAS) forms, and takes photographs of the damaged vehicles. Disputes can be minimised if both parties to the accident agree to sign the SAS on the spot.

If anyone is injured, the assessor calls an ambulance and reports to the police. All documents, particulars and photographs will be forwarded to Income for follow-up by its claims officer.

The officer is usually able to come to a decision on the appropriate apportionment of liability. We are fair in our assessment and do not favour any side. If any party disagrees with our assessment, they can ask for an independent expert to review the case or take the case to court.

We have a simple service to leverage on technology to allow a speedy motor claims process. During an accident, motorists are encouraged to use their mobile phone to take photographs of the damage and send them to us via MMS on 93885992 or e-mail

This initiative has received a favourable response and has resulted in a more professional and efficient way of handling liability disputes. An average of 35 cases each month are successfully resolved because photographs were sent to us via MMS.

Freddy Neo
General Manager
NTUC Income

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