Saturday, June 24, 2006

Delay and mistake in handling upgrading of Incomeshield

A policyholder was unhappy with the delay and mistake in the handling of his upgrading of Incomeshield. I gave this reply to him.

As some other policyholders may be facing the same frustration, I wish to share this reply.



I am sorry about the trouble that you went through in this matter.

We received 20,000 requests for upgrading the Incomeshield enhanced plan. Due to the large volume, some mistakes were made. Your case must be one of them.

Apart from the processing the work, my colleagues have to answer many difficult questions. They take a lot of time.

Several of my colleages were not able to take the work pressure. They resigned. This adds to the pressure on the remaining colleagues.

I hope that you will give us some time to sort out this problem. I do apologise for the trouble that you faced.

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