Saturday, June 24, 2006

The person that I admire most


I admire Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.

After making many billions of dollars, he and his wife decided to donate most of their wealth to charity. They set up a foundation.

The foundation is generous in giving money for worthy causes, to improve the health and lives of millions of poor people around the world.

They decide to distribute their wealth during their lifetime, and not after they have passed away.

They take another step, that is not widely known. They insist that the donee organisations provide an external audit on how their donation is being spent. This ensures that the money is used mainly to benefit the beneficiaries and are not being wasted away.

Wow. Isn't it great?


Yong Kiat said...

If this happens in Singapore, it will be very good.

Freddy said...

The Gateses are great people. I remember reading somewhere that they do not believe in passing too much money to their children because if they do that they will not value hard work and will have no purpose in life.

The Gateses donate generously to various causes through thier foundation, including causes in Third World countries like India and Bangladesh.

Even Warren Buffet is donating to charity causes through the Gate Foundation.

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