Thursday, August 24, 2006

Income Focus: Message to policyholders

Dear Policyholder

We want you to know more about the insurance products that you have bought. We now written a FAQ (frequently-asked questions) on our popular products. You can read them at

Can you tell your family members and friends about our FAQ. They may find it to be useful as well.

We are probably the first insurer in the world to introduce an innovative plan that covers personal accident and infectious diseases. Our PA+ID plan provides 24-hour, worldwide cover for less than $10 a month. Application is hassle-free. No medical examination is required.

Many people like to buy a low cost, term insurance plan to give financial security to their family. We wish to introduce our i-Term, which provides a large life insurance cover at an affordable premium. A male (non-smoker), aged 30, can insure for $100,000 on life insurance for about $9 a month.

We have the largest market share of motor insurance in Singapore. We cover about 250,000 cars, motor cycles and other vehicles, representing 35% of all vehicles. We offer premium rates that are 5% to 15% lower for most vehicle models. You can save as much as $100 or more when you insure with us. You can also pay your motor insurance and road tax in 12 monthly installments.

If you have bought a new car last year, we invite you to come to us on the next renewal. You can enjoy a lower premium rate.

You can visit our business centres to get free advice on insurance and financial planning from our salaried consultants. They do not earn any commission.

If you have any questions, call 6877 3366.

Tan Kin Lian
Chief Executive Officer

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