Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My vision of the public transport system

Here is my vision of a public transport system:

* the MRT forms the backbone of public transport

* express bus services join the town centers to provide a shorter, faster way (if the MRT takes a long way)

* feeder services (using light buses or cars) bring passengers to the MRT stations or town centers (to take the express buses).

The express bus services should have few stops, maybe at the town centers.

It is easier for commuters to understand this system. They have fewer bus services to remember. They only need to be familiar with the local feeder systems.

Under my vision, there is a need to make one or two changes, from the feeder to the main line. This may be slightly inconvenient, but the commuter can get used to it. I talk from personal experience.

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Anonymous said...

We should also make it mandatory that the prime minister, transport ministers take the MRT once a week, so they understand the issues.

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