Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Technology for car pooling to an event

Here is my concept of a system, using technology, to facilitate car pooling to an event.

* the event organiser notify the guests to send a SMS to a certain number, if they wish to car pool

* the SMS message contains the event code (eg 1234), postal code of the pickup point (eg 80) and role (1=driver 2=passenger)

* the computer system match the people by event and date and send a SMS to notify them to contact each other.

* there is an understanding that the passenger should pay $3 to $5 for each trip, i.e. to help the driver to defray the expenses.

I hope that this idea can catch on. Or someone can come forward with a better, more practical concept.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with carpooling is not technology. Its social.

Because the way Singaporeans have been trained, they will feel awkward to provide or receive a carpool offer.

Unless someone sets the standard for carpooling $$, its just not going to happen. The driver now has to keep change.

And think about how taxi drivers will feel.

Maybe we need to license car-poolers?

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