Saturday, May 26, 2007

Structured products that have matured

Did you invest in any structured or capital protected products that have now matured? What is the return that you have earned during the past years?

Please send to me, the following details:

* name of product
* when you first invested in it?
* what are the payouts that you have received?
* what is the maturity amount, and date that you received it?
* what are the key features of the product?

I will compute the yield on this product, and to see if you have obtained a fair rate of return.

I will share the experience of these products, so that consumers can be better educated, and learn how to invest in products that give them a fair rate of return.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for offering to compile this, Mr Tan. Perhaps the list of such "lemon products" could be forwarded to the authorities for comments?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan,

Name: UOB Life Maxi Dollars
Started: 28 June 2002 $30,000
Matured: 28 June 2007 $35493.09
(Premium Invested = 30000
Maturity value = 33122.42
Accumulated Revisionary Bonus = 1530.30
Terminal Bonus = 840.37
Gross Maturity Amount = 35493.09)

Key feature: Capital guranteed

Hope the above has enough information for you analyst. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering whether the yield is satisfactory?

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