Monday, May 21, 2007

Singaporeans have to work 10 years longer

Dear Mr Tan,

Yes, I think what you say is correct. It seems there is no choice but for people to keep working in order to fund those extra years of life. It is part of the "new reality" that we should learn to accept.

It is not really anyone's fault. It simply results from our longer lifespans.

Another point is that it doesn't necessarily have to be a negative thing. Since many people are still energetic and vibrant in those 10 years -- from age 55 to 65 -- they will probably want something useful to do. (Work gives them that chance.)

In fact, many rich people keep working eventhough they don't have to.

Work gives a sense of accomplishment that is very fulfilling. It adds meaning to life that you don't get if you retire to watch TV all day.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

Rich people work with less stress and is different from the old 65 uncles and aunties cleaning the table. Not many are so lucky to be RICH and WORKING

Tan Kin Lian said...

I agree with you. I hope that the elderly people who work as cleaners can get decent earnings and can work with dignity.

When I visited a hot spring in Hokkaido, many elderly people work in the hotel as porters, cleaners, cooks and servers. They work with pride.

Anonymous said...

Globally old people should not have to work. They should be given a choice.

This is a global issue. Lets see if Singapore is the first to make a change.

Anonymous said...

leave the old alone and let them die with dignity...

Anonymous said...

For those who are left with no choice, seeing it in positive light makes life happier. Why sore the wound further?

-anonymous coward

Thomas Phua's Blog said...

In old days, a man has the capability to raise 6 or more children, but when the children has grown up, it seems that the 6 or more children cannot take care of one old man.

With dwindling number of children today, it is worst, after taking care of the kid, the parent has to work more years towards end years.

Are we saving enough, or are we living practically?

If I have to work in old age, it should be more for passing time, to enjoy work. And hopefully to contribute to society.

- Thomas Phua

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