Sunday, November 25, 2007

Simple and useful

Dear Mr. Tan,

I want to thank you for writing your blog. I visit it almost everyday.

You explain financial matters in simple language and make it easy to understand. I like your real life cases, although you have removed the personal details.

You say things that are so obvious, yet many people (including me) overlook it. What is said is really common sense and useful.

Please continue to write your blog.


Please help to publicise my blog. Get your friends to visit it.


Anonymous said...

What i like this blog is that views expressed are uncensored. We get to read both sides, frank , objective and honest, and unbiased. We can learn the truth. Indeed i have learned a lot about insurance and investment. I am now more wary of the insurance agent I deal with. I will ask a lot more questions instead of allowing him or her stuffing the products down my throat.
One of the posters advised that we need to look at their credentials first. Indeed i will before going on further. I will even ask how much commission they will earn from the products they push. This should be enough to safeguard our interest.
Thank you, Mr. Tan for your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have publicized your blog and i heard that many are visiting it now..They have never known so much about insurance and investment. Until now they learned from insurance agents who didn't tell them the truths. They now realize that the agents they know are really not qualified. The agents only care to sell them expensive products like the revosave when they visited a roadshow.
I told them to spread the word about your blog.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Can the person who submits anonymous comments in my blog regularly, that are critical of insurance agents, send an e-mail to me?

I like to communicate with you privately, and learn why you hold such a strong grudge against insurance agents.

Priyadi said...

Mr. Tan, you might be interested in this Technorati search result:

it lists other blogs which already publicises your blog. you can even subscribe to it using any RSS reader and it will tell you if another blog made a new posting that refers to your blog.

Anonymous said...

My agent went through all my insurance booklet, compile a very nice summary. He shown me how much insurance cover I need and numbers for retirement. He ensure I have insurance like DPS and Eldershield.
He helped with my CPF nomination, AMD application and even recommend lawyers to make a will.

I'd learnt a lot of things from this agent and he have my respect.

I get to know this agent from Mr Tan's blog. Not all agents are bad. Let him know that you want a proper planning, he will do it for you.

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