Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pick the right stocks

Dear Mr Tan,

Thanks for your advice previously. The STI really corrected till 3300. I am keen to collect some stocks at this kind of cheap price now.

Can you pick some stocks for your readers to consider at the moment? The trouble is, everything has corrected so much that I cant even recognise most of them.

I know STI-etf will be a safer high-risk investment compared to stocks but I am more keen on bluechips as the returns will be higher.


I am not able to advise you on picking the stocks. You can ask your stockbroker. They have their research team.


Anonymous said...

If you are not that old, be patient and wait for the next big correction. Remember 1998 where STI is at it's lowest? Given the US subprime crisis, oil prices etc, analysts foresee one coming soon, maybe next year. Then go for blue chips and wait for the next upturn.

hongjun said...

Or who knows Mon will be the day for you? We may see some profit taking next week. Just a guess.

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