Friday, November 30, 2007

STI Exchange Traded Fund

Hi Mr Tan,

I'm interest for the low cost fund for STI ETF. However I'm really not sure how to start or choose the fund.

1) Is the STI ETF a secure funds to invest for long term? I understand that the STI is just a "counter"?

Reply: The STI is invested in 30 counters that make part of the Straits Times Index. It is traded on the exchange as a "counter", but the value of this counter is based on the underlying counters.

Read this webpage:

2) Is there a website that explain more about STI ETF?

Reply: Read this website

3) Is the STI ETF considered as one fund or are there many funds under STI ETF? Which of these funds is most profitable?

Reply: The STI is a fund. There are other ETF (exchange traded funds) that can be bought through the Singapore Exchange.

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