Saturday, December 01, 2007

Give testimony in court

Recently, I was asked to give an affadavit (i.e. a legal statement) on a dispute involving NTUC Income and other parties. The transaction occurred during the time that I was the chief executive. The lawyer said that I may have to attend court and asked me to set aside two days for this attendance.

I asked, "Will I be paid for the time that I have to spend?" The lawyer replied that I could indicate my cost and he will add it to the bill to be charged to the party that asked for my testimony.

Finally, the case was settled out of court. I did not have to attend court after all.

Lawyers are paid a very large fee for the time that they spend in handling a case. Witnesses should also be paid in a similar fashion. I hope that people are aware of their rights and are adequately compensated for their time. They will be more willing to attend court and be witness.

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