Saturday, December 29, 2007

Adequate Taxis in Taipei

There are plenty of taxis in Taipei. It is easy to get a taxi within 1 minute. The supply is more than adequate to meet demand. The service is excellent.

The taxi fares are at the right level. They are 4 to 8 times of public transport. They are not cheap, but not expensive either.

The taxi drivers work hard to meet their operating expenses and to earn a net income. There seem to be enough people willing to drive a taxi. This ensures that there is a correct balance of supply and demand. It is an excellent source of meaningful work for unemployed people.

The excellent public tranport and taxi service in Taipei probably make it less necessary for the city dwellers to own a private car.

The regulated taxi system in Taipei seems to work extremely well, in getting an efficient system that serves the commuters and taxi drivers well.

Perhaps it is time for Singapore to learn from the experience of Taipei in managing their public transport and taxi service?

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