Sunday, March 30, 2008

Evaluate your options

Someone asked me what I would do, if I were in my friend's situation and expensive medical treatment is needed for a loved one.

Here is my approach:
a) I will evaluate various alternatives, from various doctors
b) I seek advice from independent and knowledgeable people
c) I will not depend on the advice of an adviser (doctor) who has a conflict of interest

I wish to share this story.

A few years ago, Dr. Ee Peng Liang, the "father of charity" in Singapore, told me, "Kin Lian, my doctor told me that I had stomach cancer. But I have decided not to be treated as I am already over 80 years. I will leave this matter in the hands of God". Dr. Ee passed away peacefully after a year or two.

There are many ways to "do the best" for a loved one. Spending money on expensive medical treatment, with a slim chance of recovery, is only one way.


Anonymous said...

If one is already in old age, then it is still ok to let nature takes its course. What about a person who is still relatively young eg 40-60 years old, and have some dependents?

Can the as-charged plan and CI plan help financially?


Anonymous said...

I would say Dr. Ee made the appropriate decision for himself at age 80+. But it is different context at age 50 (or early 50s). Look at MM Lee, GCT, LHL, most of them at their prime in their early to mid 50s.

While I agree your approach is practical and logical, but I think we have an obligation and responsibility to our loved ones. They are the ones who are sick and unable to look after themselves. They need us, the healthy, working and capable ones, to look after them.

Money is not the only factor to consider in making our decisions.


Anonymous said...

The only certainty in life is death.

Whether one is young or old, when come to terminal illness, are we able to come to term with it?

It is easy to decide an 80 year old should let go, but what about when the patient is 8 years old? Go or no go?

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