Friday, April 04, 2008

6 digit postal code

The 6 digit postal code used in Singapore is organised as follows:

a) A specific code is given to each building or residential block, e.g. 560207 is block 207 in Ang Mo Kio. The individual units are identified by the unit number, e.g. #12-456 for level 12, house 456.

b) Each landed property has a separate 6 digit number, e.g. 8098xx is for xx Begonia Drive.

In my view, it is inefficient to allot a 6 digit number for each house. It is better to allocate a 6 digit code for each street, e.g. Cactus Crescent and to identify each house by the house number. All the houses in the street share the same 6 digit code.

This new method has the following advantages:

a) Reduce the size of the postal code directory by as much as 90% (my estimate)
b) Allows the use of 6 digit postal code and house number for mailing.

A letter can be sent to

Lee Kim Teck
Singapore 809001

809001 could be the name of a street, say Begonia Drive.

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