Thursday, April 03, 2008

Walkways in Hong Kong

My friend worked in Hong Kong a few years back. When he arrived in Hong Kong, he was provided with a car. After two months, he sold off the car. He preferred to use the Hong Kong MTR (Mass Transit Railway).

It was possible to walk to a nearby MTR station from most parts of Hong Kong. He could walk through the underground or overhead walkways. It was quite comfortable during most months of the year, due to the congenial weather.

He observed that many people in Hong Kong and Japan were quite slim. The walking is good for their health and keep them fit.

I hope that all MRT stations in Singapore have underground or overlink walkways. If commuters can walk in these sheltered walkway at a different level from the road traffic, more people will be willing to take the train. This has been proven by the Hong Kong experience.

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