Saturday, April 05, 2008

Makeover of Orchard Road

I read about the $40 million makeover of Orchard Road.

Here are my wishes for this project:
a) Have a second level covered walkway to allow people to connect the whole stretch of Orchard Road. This can be linked to all the buildings.
b) Build a light monorail to run down Orchard Road connected to the walkway.
c) Have large multi-storey carparks on the fringe of Orchard Roads, connected to the monorail.

This will reduce the traffic congestion on Orchard Road. It will make shopping in Orchard Road more pleasant.

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eng60340 said...

hi mr tan,

you have been making many useful suggestions.

however, inertial is supreme in bureaucracy

i believe that big companies and the govt would just look at the feedback and go :
"hmm, that's interesting. but because of XYZ and WXY so we wouldn't do that"

in every suggestions, there would be pros and cons. there's a tendency to reject based on cons rather than consider WHY NOT ?

based on your experience as CEO,
what's the best way to get common folks opinions through to the decision makers ?

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