Thursday, April 03, 2008

Investing in resource and commodity

Hi Mr. Tan,
What is your view about investing in resource and commodity sector? I understand that this sector has appreciated fast during turmoil in the financial market, caused by high price of oil, gold, and other commodities. However, there's also a recent correction, which might give a better opportunity to enter.

What is your view of this sector fund? Currently I am looking at First State Global Resource, which has 1.5% annual management charge, and 1.74% expense ratio. The United Global Resource Fund has 8.63% expense ratio (which I think it's too high).

I am not familiar with investing in the resource and commodity sector. I heard the comment of an analyst on CNBC. He said that commodities are bullish now, but investors should be ready to sell at short notice. He reminded investors about what happened on the bursting of the dotcom bubble.

I prefer to invest in a well diversified equity fund.

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