Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Online Citizen

I will be making a regular contribution to the Online Citizen. My first article will appear tomorrow, 30 April. It is entitled "High Cost of Living".



Gary Teoh said...

Mr Tan,
Do you agree by this statement " Gan Kim Yong:The increase of wages do not help in tackling high cost of living".
I feel that government takes more from us than giving us help in this crucial time.

Anonymous said...

Kin Lian;

I like to pose a question and You have the prerogative not to answer though I eagerly look for one.

Do You think our Leaders' performances commensurate with their pays?

Thank You! From: patriot.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering aloud, will you ever stand for an election? :)

I think my dream opposition team in Parliament would comprise of :-
1) Leong Sze Hian
2) Tan Kin Lian
3) Slyvia Lim
4) Sim Wong Woo
5) Ngiam Tong Dow
6) Low Tia Kiang
7) Chiam See Tong
8) Tan Cheng Bock(former parliament whip?)
9) Steve Chia(the former NMP)

Though for PM post, have to find someone very charismatic.. and I still think out of the present co-hort, PM Lee is still the most charismatic..

Sorry, did not meant to turn this into any political.. it's just a fantasy of mine to see more quality debate LIVE instead of all behind closed doors...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the onlinecitizen.com!

Looking forward to see your postings there.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading your profound article.

Anonymous said...

It may be very difficult to win as opposition candidates, and even if you win the numbers may have no significant impact inside or outside parliament. Because I don't think the opposition have enough numbers of credible people like those mentioned above to contest. I think outside Parliament, blogs can be more powerful with time and the govt may be wise enough to eventually listen. They can only ignore at their own peril real serious problems which affect the people and nation.

Loh Hon Chun said...

This is the RSS link if anyone wish to subscribe to.



Anonymous said...

thank you for supporting theonlinecitizen.

I cant wait to read ur post.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Mr. Tan's talent and experience can go far beyond being a blog owner, or a consultant to yet another commercial entity (I doubt the new company is a non-commercial entity).

At the point of retirement from Income (although it was an abrupted notice), but he did mentioned about developing the insurance industry in the MESA region. This is good.

However, personally I hope Mr. Tan would consider staying in Singapore and help shape future policies that would benefit the overall Singapore, going beyond just insurance, but more into the development of social structures and community framework.

After given the future lifespan for men to exceed 90, I think Mr. Tan has another new area to explore and contribute, like what he has been doing for the last 30 years.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Welcome to theonlinecitizen

Its one of my favourite blog and good to see your writings there in future.

Adrian Khiat

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

Your comments regarding inflation is probably echoed numerous times around the country. I have been reading your ideas on both transport and housing which are a recurring theme for a couple of months. I believe the internet is a strong tool to show one's view but i have very low confidence that anything will materialized. Even with all the so call propaganda with freedom of expression, my feeling is that in Singapore, nothing is taken seriously from the public/voters unless it has a direct impact 'TODAY' situation such as a financial disaster or national security. Until then, the government knows best for you. A good example is the taxi situation in the CBD area, more gantrys along suburbs, no subsidy for rice and daily food, more foriegners to increase the population. I never recalled them asking the public opinion or even monitoring blogs such as yours before making a decision.

Good luck.

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