Saturday, May 03, 2008

Visitors hit a new record 1,318

The visitors to my blog hit a new record, 1,318 visitors, on Friday 2 May 2008. It surpassed the previous record on Tuesday.

The average daily visitors has now passed 1,000. It hit 1,021 visitors for the past week. It seems that the bonus cut of NTUC Income is attracting many more visitors to my blog.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan

Hope the strong drive and publicity on the bonus cut issue in your blog and to the media will not be in vain. Thousands pin their hopes on it.
If not, this will be another sad example of blogs and publicity on issues of fairness and reasonable expectation having no effect on the authorities, public or commercial.

Anonymous said...

Ntuc Income wants free publicity then it will have plenty of it.No need to spend tons of money on this and that to create visibility for the company and, of course for the comeback kid(in the cold storage for a long time), the media will be drooling to get this juicy scoop.Ntuc will have until
it will be pleading for enough.
You want it you get it.Ntuc can revise their marketing expenditure downward this year.The saving , please, give it to your
policyholders, in some other way.

Anonymous said...

Right , no need to take up full page in Straits Times or have posters at bus stops, everyone knows Income now,
for what? for trying to pull a fast one on the policyholders!!!
Sorry, lah, not so easy. Ntuc new management thinks it can play play with us policyholders.
Wait till your sale slumps and more agents will be resorting to unethical practices more openly.They will come a begging.

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