Friday, May 02, 2008

Home insurance claim

Dear Mr. Tan,
My maid was replacing the bulb on my expensive lamp fixture. The ladder slipped. She fell and pulled the fixture down with her. Is the loss of this fixture covered under a home insurance policy? I am insured for the building and the content as well.


I checked with an insurance claim expert. Here is his reply:

The lamp fixture falls under the scope of "contents". Inorder for the policy to respond, the damage or loss must be within the insured perils. Home insurance is a fire policy that have been extended to cover floods, water damage (e.g. overflowing sewerage pipes), damage by lighning. It does not cover accidental damage to the lamp fixture under the circumstances described by you.


rambo said...

In the first place, the maid duty does not include replacement of light bulb which should be the work of an electrician.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Under a comprehensive home policy (aka all risk policy) with some insurer, as long as the loss is accidentally and does not fall within the exceptions, the policy would be engaged

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