Saturday, December 13, 2008

Petition Form for Elected Presidency

Note: If you do not wish to disclose your full NRIC, you can provide only the first 3 digits, ie XXX.

If you wish to help to collect 100,000 signatures, please print this form and get 20 signatures.

Please scan the completed form (with 20 signatures) and send to the e-mail address shown, i.e.

New online form (optional particulars)

Mail to completed form to:
5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #06-12, S(567760).

Volunteers to help in getting signatures:


Anonymous said...

the form would be scanned, why not sign it on line?

637kmsq said...

8 second survey - Elected Presidency - TKL
YES , NO ?

naturez said...

I suggest you go for the presidency as you will be in a better position to question the Government. As MP you will be one lone voice raising questions which will be recorded and forgotten, and cannot effect any changes. Also more of us can vote for you as P whereas we cannot vote for you as MP as 90% will not be in the same constituency.

Also when you take on a ward there will be other factions that will dilute the vote, so go for the Presidency and give us more transparency.

hongjun said...

There are too many petitions going on for the same purpose. Can we just have one?

The one from google spreadsheet does not have personal info and I would think it is not as ideal as the one from petitiononline.

One question I have is how PetitionOnline handles all the privacy info like NRIC, Name, etc. Hope these info will never be made public and be exposed to unwanted crimes.


Anonymous said...

you need to place in on top of your blog so people can see it.

Anonymous said...

My guess is non Singaporean should not sign this petition as this might raise problem for Mr. Tan in the future when the petition is scrutinised.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that you are going for elected presidency if the people want you to lead them to.

You can't do much for the people as president.

I am in the opinion that you can do far more for the people if you be elected to be a member of parliament instead.

Anonymous said...

Anyway.. It makes no difference whether MP or President, you might not be able to survive long. Politic can be a ruthless game.. might not suit you.. please reconsider..

What you are doing currently, is best suit you..

Anonymous said...

Seems that Mr Tan is very quick to exhibit his political ambition...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

Your previous entry has 81 comments (too many) mine will be buried in those.

I m not too sure if anyone has mentioned this. Aside from the Title that has an distorted angle using words like "REVEALS" and "AMBITIONS"

I wish to highlight the photo that they use! No offense or pun, they have chosen a photo that showed you frowning (with the multiples wrinkled lines on the forehead, a queer angle, and with a somewhat crooked smile)

To be honest, if i hadnt know you, or some common folks who never read about the good deeds you had done over the past years (started with the educational blog to the DBS high 5 notes saga) that photo would have "turn" them off. I did a check with my maids who i told them to just go based on the looks; they shaked their head vigorously.

Well, i think you are def. not in favor with the local press, and we know who owns the media in Singapore. =p

(In no way am i commenting how you look, just the way the photo was purposely taken and represented with the headlines in the SUNDAY TIMES)

Wish you all the best, i ll be printing and getting the signatures from my frens and family. = )

Anonymous said...

Post this in all major news forums e.g. stomp, asiaone forum. Should be able to generate more attention by getting Xiaxue or Dawn Young to endorse Mr Tan. Anyone is a close pal of these gals?

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

I think you have no intention of going for MP or EP. That's why you stated 100000 target which may be quite impossible.

It's like some people quote a very high price to certain customers because they do not want their business.

Or if I do not really want to do something another way of saying it is I will do it if pigs can fly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Tan,
Please include Chinese/Malay/Tamil translations on the form so that the older than 62 and uneducated also could read.

Anonymous said...

I am in for the petition.

Anonymous said...

I want to communicate this message to Mr. Tan, "Please Stay away from Politics" but the online petition doesn't have the option. Could you please provide this option.

PAP is doing good things for Singaporean.

Donaldson Tan said...


You have my support for whatever public office you are running. However, I would like to stress that you must not let GE be a distraction to your underlying social cause for the distressed investors, otherwise all may be lost.

Donaldson Tan said...


You have the choice to not sign the petition at all. We vote not because what PAP did, but because we have a certain expectation of how our country would proceed towards the future.

PAP's track record is no evidence that PAP will continue to do a good job or that PAP's direction is what all Singaporeans aspire.

Unlike PAP, which rob options from citizens through presumed consent via the GRC, by refusing to sign the petition, your consent is not presumed.

Anonymous said...


Have you opened your eye wide enough when you said "xxx is doing good things for Singaporeans"? Perhaps you are just greedy with the little good things (small cash handouts) tossed by xxx from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Mr Tan has no intention of being EP or MP. The 100,000 target will be difficult to achieve.

symmetrix said...

Dear Mr Tan KL,

You have my vote.

I suggest you pls go for MP position, preferably leading a GRC at the next election. You (and your GRC team) can do more for sg grassroot ppl as an MP, rather than an EP or NMP.

It may be better if you stand as an independent, as there is still some phobia about opposition political parties. Independent candidates may contest a GRC, provided all independent members of your group stand as a team.

I see this as the best option if sg wants to have a serious, alternative, constructive voice in parliament.

barrie said...

Mr Tan,

I have commented a few times before that you have done a good job. I still feel that you are doing a fine job.

I don’t wish to dampen the mood, but I think it isn’t wise to do two major things at once. I feel that if you do wish to get into politics, it should be done AFTER the investor crisis is resolved, OR, when elections are called.

In doing both at the same time, there may be adverse effects, which are:

1. You opponents will wait eagerly like hawks, hoping for the killer move to pin you down that all your hard work at Hong Lim is really nothing but a prelude to garner popular vote, for your entry into politics.

2. You will be able to garner many supporters who have absolutely no interest in the credit crisis. They may then pressure you to divert your energy towards politics, rather than assist you in your original intent – ie to help the layman on the street to recover their losses.

It would sadden me if we get to see that your original intention to help the laypeople gets hijacked due to one or both of the reasons above.

The above are just my thoughts. Of course, the final decision is yours. In any case, it is a little too late to back off now. You have more or less committed yourself publicly.

Good luck and all the best to you.

C H Yak said...


I believe the petition is a "opt-in" to support Mr. Tan in a democratic way. If you are for "Please Stay away from Politics" option, then just don't opt-in, stay away from signing to support him.

Think simply, and clearly like what Mr Tan K L always do. Why must your option "Please Stay away from Politics" be added to complicate, confuse and dictate to others your "option".

Don't think so "complicated-ly" to confuse others and dictate things to be done "top-down" like what our politicians quite oftenly do.

When you do things for the good of the general public, think "bottom-up" and be people-centric first.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan can be a EP or MP not nec Opp MP. He can be independent.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan

This is going to be a bit long.

I suggest you go for MP first. Get a single ward and run as Independent. Go for the exposure and explain to Singaporean why you are doing it. Do not form a opposition party, But stand as Individual, explain your manifesto and I am very sure Singapoean will understand! Your chance of wining is low but I said it is for exposure, go for rally, you surprise there will be people helping you along. I am very sure you will not loss your deposite.

After election (that say in 2011), Singaporean will know you better, than is time to run for Elected President. You will be stronger and believe that you can make a difference even at 60 years old and as you say why get yourself into trouble where you have enought money! I encourage you to fire up and ready to go and shown it to the youngster that there is much to learn than just look after their money pocket. The GE is to fire you up and brush up your political and rally skills improve your Chinese. I am sure people of your age malay is not a problems! Chinese is very important, that include dilects.

Above all, do talk to your wife, he must be ready to be First Lady, tell her that there are people who want an alternative voice like you. Singapore is getting harder to leave. I remember the good old days of 70 to early 80, things are cheap, we work hard, People trust the Government and we build HDB flats because we allow the government to do land acquisation at very low cost and built low cost house for us. Now look at the HDB price, my god! HDB going for 500K (brand new) in good location.
electrical bill going up while others are dropping!

Lucky we got Mr Khaw for health minister, he stop the spiralling cost and introduce the Mean Testing. He is a good man but who many of this type minister can we find! i am most worry when Mr Khaw is gone , they will use the Mean Testing and test it to the extreme.
I have not qualms with Mean testing, but use by government it will go the extreme. trust me, it will happen. Then it will be very sad! When the next young Health Minister come in.s

I leave in Woodland and I can tell you that he really do this job, constant visit, improvement in public areas, he got the Buddha Look and people give way to his Tao way of doing things. Unlike the rest, bulldoze and get objectives done and after 5 years wash hand and go to another ministry. Some new minister come in and CHANGE AGAIN. That what they call CHANGING WITHIN!


So Mr Tan Fire Up and ready to Go
I have sign the petition although my wife advise me otherwise(because she a civil servant and I work in the GLC!) I just told her this got nothing to do with my daily job.

This is a bigger calling, I just don't the resume to do the job!

If you need help to run, I will be happy to apply leave and help you in whatever ways. carry table and chairs and doing simple jobs also can.

I write again next time to explain to you why your chances of winning is very good!

lim Cy

I will take leave to help you along,

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,
I hope if elected President Donate 1/2 of your annual salary to the poor and needy/charities. During the President Charity Show.....make your Donations Life to start with!


Anonymous said...

Obama's Slogan "CHANGE WE NEED"
Suggest the other way round "NEED WE CHANGE?"
Nevermind MP OR EP ...keep trying!
With your stature and experience you surely can achieve your game to be EP or MP, unless ERP (Entry Restricted Presidency) is the only obstacle!

ST Reader.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to quite put this in a good manner across. Mr Tan, if you want to help the people out of altruist reasons, then please go ahead and run for the Presidency of Singapore or be a member of Parliament. No need to do all these petitions online / offline to garner support.

It's akin to saying this to us, "I don't want to lead but coz you people ask me to, I will lead". It's like shifting the responsibility of whether you want to run for presidency to us, the people. If that's the case, can I conclude that you are reluctant to lead us? If you want to run for presidency, just go ahead. Don't shift the onus of decision making to us. It'll just prove your critics right.

If you ask me whether you have my vote, I'll Keep in View first. That's because I want a candidate who WANTS to lead the people and help them and not someone who NEEDS to lead the people. A leader should lead because he has the abilities to and want to, not someone "reluctantly" petitioned to lead. My vote depends on whether my comment gets posted / how you respond to it.

Thoughts of a Concerned Citizen.

Anonymous said...

It will be good to see if TKL fight for the oposition MP.
I am sure he will succes.

Anonymous said...

Reading the newspapers, i had the feeling that Tan Kin Lian is torn between personal inclinations and family pressure (to stay clear and be safe rather than sorry in potential dirty political scenarios). so perhaps he made the petition as a means to find a reason this way or otherwise to give peace of mind. I can bet a $1000 that even without the petition, he will be an instant hit in the elections if he decides to be a candidate. Incidentally I support the petition 10000% and definitely vote for him.

Anonymous said...

You have our vote Mr. Tan ! We need people like you who can be a voice for the common man. The current gahmen are too high up in their ivory tower to feel the pain of our struggle with the current high cost of living. Other countries are reducing GST and utitlities prices for example, what is our gahmen doing for us ?? All they do is to keep raising prices and raising their million dollar salaries !!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

I tried to sign the petition but failed. what do EP and MP stand for?


Anonymous said...

i do not support these petitions for Elected Presidency right now. Why? Because that means that there are 2 issues on the table fighting for attention at the moment.

1. The Original issue of investments/structured products etc which is still not resolved yet

2. The new issue of elected presidency

I feel that having them both at the same time will lessen the focus (both of the media) and of Mr. Tan yourself. It might be a better choice to focus on one first so more attention and resources can be devoted to it.

Further, the attn of both the media and the population can be focused more effectively instead of having Mr. Tan stand for 2 issues at the same time. My fear would be that the original issue (accountability of financial institutions and MAS) might be forgotten/ or the focus might lessen.

All the best Mr. Tan.

C H Yak said...

Anonymous 12:25PM

Someone who WANTS to help the people "out of altruist reasons" may or may not be a good leader, and he could harbour his own hidden further agenda, say to earn a million-dollar salary. "WANT" signifies self-centredness. Self before 100,000 common people.

Someone who NEEDS to lead the people when given "100,000" signatures will quite certainly make a good leader who harbours no hidden agenda. The majority needs him to lead. He fights for the majority who are right.

100,000 signatures and votes can still defeat 1 supposedly hard-earned "bargaining" vote from a very concerned citizen. This is the beauty of true democracy.

In similar logics, you may give your vote just because you simply think you WANT to bargain in your agenda. (To Quote you : "My vote depends on whether my comment gets posted / how you respond to it"). And not because 100,000 others NEED you to give your vote. To these 100,000 your vote would seem im-material, and they do not NEED your 1 precious vote. LOL.

100,000 signatures and votes also signifies active citizenry. It means a NEED to vote in someone whom you think is a good leader who will fight for your beliefs and causes, and not just because you WANT to cast a vote because you are a concerned citizen.

Anonymous said...

I think going for MP is better. Being the president doesnt help change things. Building a credible opposition with the long term goal of taking over the goverment is more useful. Either way, I Support you!

Anonymous said...

hi Kin Lian,

I've followed your blog ever since you started championing for the minibonds investors. I respect you for what you have done.

My hope is that you don't be a reluctant politician. We've got one too many of such examples already in Singapore and it sucks. Imagine taking home millions of dollars of tax-payer's money, and justifying their non-action by convincing themselves that they had to sacrifice to get into such positions.

The petition is lame. There is no shame in wanting to serve Singapore. If you openly say you want to run for office, I will respect you for that and will vote for you. I'll even donate to your campaign (is it legal?). Please don't run for office just because XXX number of people asked you to. Does it mean that if your popularity drops below XXX, you will no longer want to serve ?

Show us your commitment, and we will give you our support !


Anonymous said...

If you stand for GE. You'll be chopped and run down by the ruling party.They'll dig your past for misdeeds and discredit you. They'll sue you until you're bankrupt if you slander them.They'll leave no room for you to manoeuvre and breathe. If you have to attack them,attack their policies and not their personalities.A word of caution: Don't loose your head when the crowd reponses to your

symmetrix said...

I think Mr Tan KL's figure of 100k votes is arbitrary. It does not mean that if he gets 99,999 votes he will not run for MP. I feel that even if he gets about 50k votes (or slightly less) he should go for it.

As a political darkhorse, one has to gauge ground support before embarking on this job. Of course, if you standing with the ruling party, you can walk into parliament easily riding on the coattails of the veteran politicians. Mr Tan KL does not have that luxury.

It is pointless if you have the interest to lead but no one wants to follow. Sun Tzu said "A general cannot fight and win a war without soldiers".

Anonymous said...

How I wish there are some 10 to 20 or even more Tan Kin Lians who can come forward and work together to form a political party to contest the next GE.

This will be heaven for Singapore's future!

So the potential Tan Kin Lians among you, please don't just sign the petition but also to step forward to be counted!

Anonymous said...

Has EP got a role to play in governing, and interfering into policy or omissions by ministries?
we have seen President Ong T.C. scuffle with PM years back but what happen?
EP has no active but a passive role to play.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Mr Tan,

Many Thanks for taking a step to consider standing for election for the Presidency of Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan someone comparing your call with President elect Obama. I think they don't know it took 29 long years for you to realize PAP is not doing good for Singaporeans. Why such a long time to realize this?

While I appreciate whoever has intention to help Singapore and Singaporeans, but I urge you to show the people you have commitment and capability to run for public office before putting up any online campaign.

If they let you continue at Income, what could be your stand?

Anonymous said...

From Zaobao Forum:


知道这些,我们才能够更好的作出判断 - informed decision. 就好像是否要支持陈钦亮先生的请愿书?我们就大概要了解MP- member of parliament, 和EP- elected president 的区别。



(2)批准重大人事案 - 最高捡察长,大法官,公务员首长,贪污调查局局长,三军总司令,陆 海 空军总长,政联公司董事会主席,公共服务委员会主席,stat board 首长。



也就是说, 民选总统可以否决总理的重大决定, 包括拒绝人事任命,拒绝批准会用到过往的储备金的预算。这是有形的职权。




请愿行动在陈钦亮的网站之Petition Form for Elected Presidency

以上都是Public information。有兴趣者可以登陆这个网站看到新加坡的宪法和所有其他的法律:


(1)立法权 - 制定法律的权力,批准预算,在国会

(2)司法权 - 审判法律案件,解释法律条文,在法院

(3)行政权 - 在内阁(总理,内阁部长,公务员,警察,军队)


Anonymous said...

I will vote for you only if you manage to win compensate for the minibond victims. All action and no results is not enoughion

Anonymous said...

12:25 PM,

Since you will only vote for Mr Tan if he win compensation for all Minibond victims, may I suggest that you in turn should give Mr Tan your guarantee that he will receive the votes from all the Minibond victims if he does win.

Whether you want to vote for Mr Tan or not is a personal choice and decision, coming straight from the heart. If you start attaching strings to whatever you do, you are no better than a cold blooded mercenary.

Moreover, the Minibond fiasco is like dancing a tango. You need two persons to dance. If Mr Tan does all the dancing but the government prefer to keep still (silent and motionless), then you can't blame Mr. Tan for not producing result.

Sure, I empathize with you because I am also one of the Minibond victims but we must all be clear headed to be able to differentiate what is righteousness and what is practicality.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:25 passed the most selfish and uneducated comment of all. You vote for Kin lian only if he solves the minibond saga and "win compensation". Fine. You may also vote for PAP only if PAP solves the problem and "win compensation". Dang gu. Wait long long. You have nobody to vote for at the end of the day. Because the situation of the bonds is highly complex. Nobody knows which way it will go.


Anonymous said...

Here's a novel way to get 100K supporters.

Announce you need 100K hands to rubberstamp on Sat 2pm-8pm. No names, no signatures required. Just a hand of support.

Good luck!

symmetrix said...

12:25 PM,

I assume you are a Minibond victim. May I suggest you pls approach your MP and make a deal with him to win compensation for you. In return, you promise to vote for him next time round. Get this in writing and duly notarised. Post the agreement in this blog so that all other investors may adopt your strategy.

If only life was this simple.

Anonymous said...

I've just singed the petition form online to support Mr.Tan.

I am going to the speaker corner this coming saturday.

Anonymous said...

The progress of this petition seems to be very slow. When can we reach the 100,000 mark I wonder. My family members and I have signed the petition online, and I have also sent the online petition to some of my friends and asked them to send it out to their contacts as well. Is there a more effective and easier way to get more supporters?

Anonymous said...

ask the investors to sign on this coming saturday at the speaker corner.

ym said...

Mr Tan, i hope you can put a post on the recent development of our SGD to educate what tha gahmen has done with our savings and money..

SGD has been consistently decpreciating agisnt the USD even when the US gahmnen is running the printing press overtime... this implies the SG gahmen is running the printing press faster than US gahmen...

is it any wonder why the CPi keeps increasing??.. is it any wonder why interest rates at <1%??..
who is the SG gahmen bailing out??

Anonymous said...

To 12.25pm:

What you said is just plain stupid. You can vote for PAP for all you want, and see if MP will do any thing for you. May be he'll tell you "servve you right for being greedy". I know that's what I'll said if I were him.

Anonymous said...

Continue from 6.00 PM,

If you are misled into buying a structured product and suffered loss, your MP will tell you "serve you right for being greedy" But if the town council was misled into buying structured products and suffered great losses, the same MP will say "Please be thankful that we did not lose all your money".


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

You sure you want to run for elected President if 100000 signature petition achieved? Do you want to behave like President Nathan?

If not, think again. PAP only interested in another Nathan, not another Ong Teng Cheong who asked too many questions.

You will face 1001 PAP made hurdles in the contest and even more even if you are elected, if you are what you are at Hong LIm rally and in your blog.

Anonymous said...

To ym 3.34 pm

"SGD has been consistently decpreciating agisnt the USD even when the US gahmnen is running the printing press overtime..."

You have made an astute observation, which I also shared.

Seriously I am concerned although the reasons are not clearly known to me. Is Sing Gahmen bailing them? Or what other reasons?

Anonymous said...


It would be good to state in concrete goals what you'll accomplish when elected.

Anonymous said...

Why it took 29 years for you to realize PAP is not good. If You will try and go back to retirement, what will happen to those people sign.

Anonymous said...

Talking about trying to be famous. Mr Tan ah.. please try to see if you are showing bias or not. All your previous blog are showing how NTUC income insurance can better benefit the public and out stand the rest. Thats not the way to do things, mr Tan.

Everlearning said...

I have been quite hesitant to sign up the recent petition.

Soon, a million visitors will be reached in this blog. You might not maintain this blog because you hold an esteemed position beyond my reach.

I will sign up to be the 100,000th petitioner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kin Lian

First of all, let me say that I have great respect for you and what you have been doing, based on your beliefs and values.

However I can't help but say that I've lost some respect for you for the following reasons.

The Straits Times quoted you as saying "Such a petition should be put together by those who are keen to see him become a leader, and not by himself, he added."

Assuming the Straits Times quoted you correctly, I cannot understand why you are now solicitating signatures for your petition to become elected President.

You may wish to explain.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

Like 11:22AM, I've lost some respect for you as well since this EP announcement. First it was the NTUC Income incident where you terminated the effort suddenly, then now in the minibond cases when you have not actually completed getting compensation for investors you have moved on to your own EP agenda. You need to complete the tasks and show results, not just effort.


Anonymous said...

whether intended or not, the announcement of Mr Tan's intention to seek support for public office will definitely help in providing publicity for the investors affected by minibond and the other credit-linked notes.

Otherwise interest in this matter will slowly ebb over time as it has been 5 weeks already.

Without the media playing up the issue, the virtual world discussions, it would be all too easy for the matter to be swept under the carpet.

So, whether or not one thinks that Mr Tan has a separate agenda, I think that his declaration of intentions for support for political office benefits more that it harms the efforts to seek fair compensation for investors.

The two matters should not be seen as mutually exclusive but rather interdependent of one another, complementing each other.


Anonymous said...

I think no much support from the investors so Mr.Tan is right that Singaporean may not want change at the moment.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Mr.Tan, I can recall that the idea for Mr.Tan to stand as a candidate to be the EP was first mooted by a reader of this blog and subsequently supported by many others. Mr.Tan did not come up with this suggestion. In fact, Mr.Tan was somewhat reluctant at the begining, but later came up with the statement that he would consider only if he can get the support from fellow Singaporeans, and the figure of 100,000 petition was mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

You should have your own party and we will vote you in. President is too narrow and too specific.

At the moment the nation needs someone who can emphatise with them in their hardships.

They need a fellow citizen leader who can restore their rights, possessions, competence, opportunity, credibility and dignity as Singaporeans.

You will know what I mean when you are in the train surrounded by foreigners day-in day-out. You know they are here for one thing - to take your job first, then your woman, then your home and eventually your country. And my God! We are paying them to do so!!

Anonymous said...

Some of the great presidents, past and present such as Mendala of South Africa, Walesa of Poland will not be able to stand for election since they will not be able to proved that they can manage $ since they were prisoner and a blue collar worker.

Sam said...

Mr Tan, you will make a good SIAS president as you have the energy and the knowledge to get things done. Please consider.

symmetrix said...

Mr Tan KL,

I repeat my stand. You should go for an Opposition MP seat, preferably as an Independent candidate. It would be better if you could form a GRC team of independent candidates and contest the next elections. After a successful run of one term, you may consider formalising your independent team into a political party.

Imagine - having an independent candidate/team in parliament. Political history would be made. You efforts will be instrumental in making the "new" Singapore. We need a controversial figure like you.

Being an EP will not give you the power and resources to chart our future. You will end up cutting ribbons and kissing babies.

While being SIAS president is good, it is not great. Your talents and experience can be better utilised elsewhere.

You have my family's vote if you stand in AMK GRC.

Anonymous said...

100,000 is a number that can put pressure to the govt if he can get it.

if he can't get it, then it is easier to withdraw or retreat as people will sympathize with the huge figure.

in the end, if he is really interested in fighting for the ordinary folks, he will still enter in the next election as an independent, with or without 100,000.

I would rather see someone as resourceful as TKL to dig out evidence who benefitted from Town Councils' Minibonds investment. If a name which is related to govt officials is linked to the Minibonds, then it would be scandalous! For example, if a 3% commission is earned by a RM for a $10 mil investment, then it would be of interest whether that $300k is earned by a single person who is related or not?
That's should be the check-and-balance opposition parties have been talking about every election.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Tan

I have been following your announcement of your interest to participate in the politics.

If you are really keen to go for it, here's a few suggestions:

1. Put your petition request on the sidebar of your blog, for e.g., under your photo. It allows people to be constantly reminded of it.

2. Put a timeline to reach your goal of 100,000 signature so that there is a sense of urgency and relevance.

3. Create activities to sell yourself, of how electiing you into office will help people who vote/petition for you.

If you are not keen, then I suggest, in the earliest time possible, withdraw from your original intention of going into politics.

Thank you for reading.


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