Friday, August 28, 2009

Whistleblower tells of America's hidden nightmare for its sick poor

Read this story. This is what happens when companies chase for profits at the expense of service to the people. This is why President Obama wants to reform the health care system. There is a similar situation with the financial services industry.

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Zod said...

The link to the story is broken.

Anonymous said...

MAS has instructed all insurance companies to install a whistle blowing mechanism for staff to report misconduct of insurance agents. It is laudable but how effective and sincere the management is. It is like shooting own foot.
No proper channel like emails , telephone or name of confidant is available. It will be another white elephant if MAS doesn't check on them. Besides the mechanism within the company MAS should provide another channel for public to blow the whistle on the company on misconduct within the company or outside like roadshows.
Al whistle blowing should be anonymous and MAS to verify it on discretion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Tan,
the link to story did not work.
Appreciate if you can fix it.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,
Thank for the article.

This is classic case study of a purely profit-driven industry.

Singapore is embracing such a system by privatising literally everything from transport/utility to hospital. How about charities? Are they privatised and profit driven? Look at NKF, Ren Ci and some others and judge it yourself.
At this rate, Singapore will become a purely profit-driven country.
Every profitable citizen that can contribute to the profit of Singapore will be allowed to stay. If you are no longer profitable, you will be forced financially to go somewhere else...

Steven Foo

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