Thursday, August 27, 2009

Petition to the Prime Minister (2)

Some people were disappointed that the hard work in organising the Petition had been wasted, if the Prime Minister does not care and just passes the Petition to the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

We should look at this matter from a different angle. 777 people have studied the issue and signed the Petition. These people now know the issue more clearly. Other people who did not sign the Petiton (because they were not directly involved) also understand the issue better.

We should be patient and continue to find ways to put our views across. We should not expect miracle results. The bigger goal should be to change how things are run in Singapore. Every situation, such as this, add to the process of change.

Tan Kin Lian



Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr Tan,

We should always keep a positive attitude. For me, the hope to get back my money is damping. However, I still actively keep trying whatever method I can. I take them as a learning process. Through this process, I have a better understanding on Singapore goverment, Singapore people and myself.

Anonymous said...

Up to this point your expectation should change.While efforts are being made to get your money same time let us try to press the regulator to change the ways these financial products are being sold. Let us expose the salespeople like the RMs and insurance agents of their wrong doings so that the market will be safer place.

Anonymous said...

"Through this process, I have a better understanding on Singapore goverment, Singapore people and myself."

Conclusion? The rules and regulations sucks as it favour the rich. How can a FI sell on "execution only" business model and point to a hidden condition that says they are not responsible for anything they say when the MB imploded.

What is MAS going to do about it?

Answer: Nothing because they CANNOT MICROMANAGE.

Anonymous said...

To put more pressure on the authorities to act, may I suggest that the petition to the PM be released to the media in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan etc. Hopefully the media from these countries will publish it and this will put some pressure on the authorities in Singapore to act. We should also continue to feed the outside media with more information, like the recent meeting at HLP, to show the lack of help and support the victims in Singapore are getting from the local authorities.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Hi 9:54 AM
You can alert the foreign media about the Petition. The wordings can be obtained from the link in my blog. My blog also contains the updates.

The foreign media will have access to the inforamtion, if they wish to write about this matter.

Please help in this effort. I will not be able to handle too many things on my own.

Anonymous said...

777 people and their families will be watching how PM Lee treat this Petition.

Anonymous said...

If the petition letter to PM was re-sent to MAS, I think the result will be worst than a silence death. Old argument--not liable for FIs and hope FIs would change their mis-sell manner will be repeated. Everything will be back to square one.
Now the only hope is our voice to be heard by international community. I strongly support the idea by sending our petition letter to all world-famous media in US,Europe,HK,Australia,
NZ,Japan and South-East Asia. So that the whole world can judge our leaders whether justice and fairness have been upheld by our top leaders. Or they were just a bunch of lame duck in facing the powerful cheating syndicates and FIs.
Don't give up! Mr Tan, we strongly support you for the call of justice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Tan,

I don't mind doing it, but I do not know how to go about doing it and I do not have the overseas media contacts. In some blogs, I note that there is a section whereby one can email the article to a friend, but this is not available in your petition.

Anonymous said...

I think with CNBC and BBC attending last Saturday gathering, it showed that TKL Blog & Petition is already well known. With Sunday New Paper giving TKL a full page write up, the readers impression of the 10 FIs continue to deteriorate.

I think if there is another gathering in HLP, TKL should use this blog and ask the 777 peitioners for their commitment to attend e.g. send email and confirm attendance. Then TKL and the frequent supporters will not be disappointed again. Minimum logistic as just need to counter the number of people reply.

Anonymous said...

Now they have more excuses (e.g. cannot miroc -manage), inline with more pays.

Some people "teach less learn more".
Others "work more earn less".
While others "work less more excuses".

Anonymous said...

As mush as I disike the way our Singapore government handles the saga, I do not think it is wise to involve any foreign community. This is an internal affair and should be handled within Singapore and her own people!

Anonymous said...

We are not getting foreigner to interfere with our internal affair. Minister had said in parliament previously Singapore managed the minibond saga was similar to other jurisdiction. If news/information is blocked for some reasons, the greatest loser is the Singaporean. We get news from Hong Kong quite easily without any interference.Singapore is a financial centre. Foreigner ought to know also.

Anonymous said...

Our voice to be heard by international community is entirely different from interference from foreigner. The real and sad fact is our medias are completely controlled by govt. Who knows the truth and facts?
To let the world understand how our top leaders handle this issue is the crux of the problem. If justice is upheld, they will gain the praise from the whole world.If they are lopsided and only care for the interest of the cheating syndicates and FIs, they will become the laughing stock of the financial world.
I suggest a second petition letter be sent to PM after answer is not given for a certain period. This is one way to continue our struggle and give pressure to MAS and our top leaders.

Anonymous said...

From my personal view, no use of sending the petition again to garmen. They will just forward it to MAS. Why don't send copies to all the opposition parties in S'pore instead to show the discontent & unhappiness of those people affected by MB, HN5, PN, etc. Ask the oppositions to unite together as one democratic party & field capable, honest & credible men or women if they want to win over the garmen. Just look at Japan where the oppositions break LDP's garmen monopoly. LDP has been garmen in monopoly since 1955 so arrogant & proud. Now they have tasted their own bitter medicine & are defeated by the oppositions. The Japanese people have punished the garmen, voiced & shown their discontent & unhappiness with their arrogance, policies & for not listening to the people. This will be a wakeup call to the garmen.

Anonymous said...

And may I suggest that the second petition letter allow ALL to sign it.

The first petition letter was rather restrictive as it was meant only for those investors whose cases are unresolved, or resolved unsatisfactorily. Inasmuch as I wanted to sign that letter, I regret that I could not as I was compensated.

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