Saturday, March 13, 2010

Best places in the world to bring up kids

Australia ranked first. Singapore is second. Survey of expatriates. Read this article.


Ex-Con said...

The results may be true, but only if you are an expat.
This HSBC survey is targeted at expats, with expat salaries and expat privileges like housing in District 9, 10, 11 condominiums or bungalows, full medical coverage at Mt Elizabeth and Gleneagles, and full children education at Montessori and private international schools.

I've read another article on this same HSBC survey, and they interviewed an expat in Singapore who claimed that his children find it easy to integrate --- and then he said he enrolled all his children to study in private international schools.

I'm sure if ordinary singaporeans are on the same expat terms, we will find it the 2nd best place to raise kids too.

Anonymous said...

your headline is totally wrong. its best place for expats to ...

Anonymous said...

REX comments as follows,

For expats, the most critical factor is safety of the children, and a clean environment with plenty of restaurants of decent standard, and a welcoming government and population with no bias or social hindrances against foreigners. Singapore scores weill here.

Talking about Safety again, we triumph over USA and many places, where guns/bullets are legalised, and one can get killed even in one's own school by crazy kids or adults. Expats also worry about terrorist activities, which so far we are free from same.

So it is no wonder that expats like singapore, coupled with all the perks mentioned by one reader above.

I find it strange though, expats are willing to find the Safety factor more important than other factors such as physical comfort (no autumn or winter; hot and humid) and cultural barrenness. In both these areas we are extremely disadvantaged.

The report mentioned that the expats find that in other places their kids end up with TV and computer in their spare time. Is this not also the situation in singapore? This part of the report i could not comrpehend.


Anonymous said...

In the final analysis, learn to develop and trust your own instinct and judgement.

There will always be well researched and written studies and reports which completely contradict each other.

The mini-bonds prospectus for example must have been written by very well qualified graduates. Certainly not by Ah Long San from Geylang Singapore.

Such is the nature of democracy. It generates choices and differences of opinions.

If you want your democracy to function well, you have to;
- educate yourself
- learn to make good judgements
- act responsibly
- believe in yourself and your self-worth as an individual
- freedom and respect is never given. You have to fight for it.

The fundamental belief of democracy is that the common man is capable of doing the above.

Phua Chu Kang says it best;
"Use your brain, use your brain!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Rex

To answer your query on kids don't seem to spend spare time on TV in Spore.

Spore TV standard sucks. Look at the amount of TV ad during peak hours, TV company can't survive without our TV licence fee. That's why we have to pay to subsidise our TV program and the standard has never improved. Until we remove the subsidy, TV company will not work harder to survive.

Anonymous said...

REX comments as follows,

Yes, Singapore TV local shows is an insult to our intelligence often times. Personally, i believe that a healthy dose of money injection into the system can turn things around. If we can build MRT, Airport, Casino etc, i don't understand we can't do TV programmes properly. Perhaps, the politicians are not interested in this area of Singapore's development since 1960's to this day, as good TV programs don't score political points. But in my opinion, TV programs are very important for child's development and feeling of self worth. We are "first world" country with "last world" sub-standard local programs (to be fair, maybe 10% of the local documentaries and entertainment programs are ok ok)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rex

If you also watch documentaries produced by HK or China (don't go too far to BBC, etc), you may want to change the quoted 10%. Most Spore's documentaries are poorly prepared without in-depth analysis and independent view but just a repeat of what has been covered in news program earlier.

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