Monday, March 07, 2011

Low payout on Medishield plan

There is a letter in the Straits Times on the low payout on Medishield plan. This appears to be caused by the pro-ration formula that is applied due to means testing.

I have written a letter to the St Times to urge the Minister for Health to review basic Medishield to remove the proration formula, and if necessary to raise the premium slightly for this situation. I urge the elderly people to stay on basic Medishield and avoid going to private Shield, as the premium and co-payment will be much higher under Private Shield.

Wait for my letter to be published. Meanwhile, you can read my FAQs on "Shield" or "Medishield" in Ask Mr. Tan

Tan Kin Lian


Richard said...

Singaporeans are being drowned by so many confusing, convoluted & complicated systems - taxi fare, bus-fare, use of medisave, medishield, CPF life, CEPAs card, entitlements to budget bonuses, electricity tariffs, etc.

One fine day, all of us have to be scholars (minus the generous pay and obscene bonus) to figure out what the hell it's all about. Geez.

Unknown said...

agreed. I felt Singapore Govt policies only benefits the so call "elite" or scholars bcos only they can decipher and take advantages of these policies. Who cares about layman, you dun know, you dun ask just pay up and that is your problem. This is the mentality of PSC. When you complain, then the response is alway we have other assistance, other channels to help or we will look at it case by case..blar blar..

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