Monday, May 16, 2011

Singapore General Election - view from Australia

A Singaporean who has worked several years in Australia gave this view about the Singapore general election. TKL website


yujuan said...

Dislike a one Party Govt, as we could see now, we are being trampled
under the foot, like geese being forced fed down the throats, with policies that are harming, and with kiasu and kiasi rules, like Cooling Off Day before election.
The biggest joke in the world, Cooling Off Day.

Lye Khuen Way said...

The only comforting outcome from this GE2011 is not the 6 WP MPs & 3 other NCMPs, nor the news of LKY & GCT not being in the new cabinet but the HOPE that the PM will finally listen.

The revelation of how the PENSION is for 55 years old Office Holders was an attempt to pre-empt LTK & his team from asking too many difficult questions.
Actually, it raises more questions... Let us see the fireworks when Parliament sits.

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