Monday, June 13, 2011

Medical fees and medicines

Mr Tan,
The medical fees and medicine inclusive to be paid by a citizen of Malaysia, when he / she visiting a government clinic, do you know how much is it? If you read the next statement you are going to faint… It is only paying Malaysia Ringgit 1 only !

The Malaysia government able to survive for the good of all the citizens since then, I wander the government of Singapore has to charge her citizens so much more when  paying a visit to the government Polyclinics?

It is all from the fund of subsidies whether willing to take care of her citizens’ welfare. How other countries going to care for the citizens sickness or health,perhaps you may able to enlighten us.



Sobri said...

The RM$1 is only for The 1Malaysia Clinic. The clinic only provides very basic medical services and medicine for common ailments. It is also staffed by a medical nurse, not a doctor.

To be fair, government hospitals in Malaysia do not provide services like that in Singapore. I know a relative ( a Malaysian with medical benefits ) making repeated visits to the hospital only to be diagnosed as minor ailments and given a little more than Panadols and pain-killers. Fortunately his Singapore wife, a nurse, got him to be checked in our polyclinic. He was referred to the hospital and they found stones in his kidneys and bladder. Only after their removal did he feel fine.

Having said that, to get comparable treatment in Malaysia, one must go to the private hospitals. Of course, the cost is lower ( about 50% ) than in Singapore.

ATBS Blog said...

I am not sure if it's true, malaysian citizens can get specialised medicine, like high blood pressure medicine at a very much subsidised price of about RM1 or so. I remember that my grandma couldn't bear to take the high blood pressure medicine regularly due to its high cost, resulting her having stroke the second time and became bed-ridden. The sad fact in Singapore is that our government and its ministers are very rich but they are not taking of the citizens. TKL, i will support you as a president and hope that you can influence PAP with your values of public service. Having said that, i know it's an uphill task.

Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

ATBS brings up a very interesting point.

Exactly how does our "reserves" (the size of 52 man-years) benefit me the citizen?

Sobri said...


Yes. Malaysians can get generic high blood pressure medicine for RM$1, at the 1 Malaysia Clinics. For those living deep in the country-side, there is a postal service for the delivery of usual medicine too.

But don't expect top-of-the-line medicine

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