Saturday, June 18, 2011

Smears in blog

There were some lies and smears in blogs and websites against me. I wish to give the facts so that fair minded people can make their judgement. I urge people who know me personally or through the statements posted in my website, to put the facts across to counter these smears.

18 June 2011
Smears in blogs
There are a few people who have posted untrue statements about my past activities and current intentions in several blogs and websites.

Briefly, the remarks about me were:

 I have served as a powerful PAP branch secretary for 30 years
 I was disgruntled for not being invited to be a PAP MP
 I have been silent on national issues until recently
 Like other insurance companies, I was ripping off the policyholders of Income
 I used the opportunity of the mini-bond saga for political purpose

I wish to give the following facts, so that fair minded people can make their judgment of 
the facts and my character.

PAP Branch Secretary

I was branch secretary for Marine Parade for 3 years. I stepped down to become the chairman of the community center management committee. I did not want to hold many positions at the same time, and do not wish to be a "powerful" branch secretary. That position did not have much influence during my time, apart from organizing the weekly meet-the-people session. (Sorry, to give away this 'party secret').

Serving as PAP MP

I did not aspire to be a MP under the PAP. I was asked twice if I was interested, once in 1979 and again in 1985 (not sure about the dates).

I declined on both occasions - as I believed that a MP should be a full time job and I cannot do 
justice to this job, while running NTUC Income as the chief executive officer. I had a stronger reason in 1985, as I disagreed with the direction of the party policy (on national service, graduate mother scheme, etc).

Writing to the media

Over the past 25 years, I have written many letters that were published in the newspapers on several issues where I took positions that were different from the prevailing government policies.

Most notable were my views about national service - which disadvantaged our male citizens in 
competing for jobs against females and non-citizens. I believed then that it would have a significant negative impact on our country. We have now seen the decline in marriage and birth rates - of which national service for males is an important factor (but not the sole factor).

I have also made several suggestions on public transport, protection of consumers and other 
matters of concern to ordinary citizens. In most cases, there was no reply from the relevant authority – apart from the cursory acknowledgement. Many people knew me and my views through my letters published to the newspapers.

Serving the policyholders

Many policyholders of NTUC Income know that I run the insurance cooperative on the principles of honesty and fairness and in their best interests. I kept expenses low and was able to provide an attractive return on their life insurance savings, which is much better than those offered by other insurance companies. They are able to see the difference in how policyholders are treated, after I have retired from Income.

Helping the victims

The victims of the mini-bond saga knew that my primary purpose was to help them as much as I could during the difficult times. They appreciated my efforts and do not harbor any suspicion that I had a political motive (which I did not).

Many of them urged me to stand for Presidential Election so that they have a chance to vote for 
someone who is able to be independent of the Government. Several of them have written their endorsements of my character.

Tan Kin Lian


Gintai_昇泰 said...

Don't worry about those retards Mr Tan. When u become a public figure u got to expect such comments. Let the ppl decide. I have decided. I prefer someone not too closely related to the govt of the day. Keep going. Best wishes for u.

zhummmeng said...

Your former insurance salesmen might be behind the discrediting campaign.You didn't give them high commission. Worse , you are exposing their practices and the rotten koyok products they are still peddling.This affected their sale.

yujuan said...

Many of these insurance people who engage in smearing have a bone to pick with TKL, as Zhummming said. If Zhumm
enters the fray for the EP, being so vocal on insurance matters, will be smeared as well.
Tony Tan is definitely asked to join in, and definitely gets endorsement, and together with Tan Cheng Bok, PAP wants to split the vote to pin TKL down, the same game they are playing at Joo Chiat last May.
When thinking about Tony, we remembered he said in 2008, "we saw the tsunami (financial) coming." Yet GIC bought Citigroup and UBS. It's like saying: " We saw the car coming at us, but we stepped out intentionally to get hit."
Now the scenario is the Lees are controlling Parliament, the two SWFs GIC and Temasek, and with Tony Tan occupying the Presidency if elected, then it is one big, happy family controlling the fate of Singapore. Seriously think about it, already we see quick action after GE by increasing the CPF minimum sum and the talk on Nuclear energy Issue for Singapore. Then, before we could blink an eye, some Ministers would come out and sing praises and stress necessity about going Nuclear.
Can't even settle the flash flooding, now talk about Nuclear, learn to walk first with solving the floods, then run about Nuclear.
"Yu Shu Ze Bu Da".
Definitely some smearing culprits are PAP members.

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