Saturday, February 09, 2013

Event at Hong Lim Park, 16 February 4.30 pm

I will be speaking at the event in Hong Lim Park. Look forward to see many of you attend to give your support. 

Event: Say No to 6.9 million in 2030
Date: 16 February at 4.30 pm
Venue; Hong Lim Park
Organizer: Mr. Gilbert Goh

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yujuan said...

Blogger readers here must attend, come rain or shine.
The bullying is so obscene, after a wayang show of only 4 days on the sacred Parliamnet stage, Holy God, another unpalatable Bill ramped down our throat like geese being forced fed to be slaughtered for foie gras.

michael13 said...

Absolutely 'YES'. We must act before it's too late.

50% Singaporeans and 50% Foreign Talents/Robbers by 2030. Step over my dead body before anyone/PAP gets it.

Weng Mao Fa said...

I stay opposite JB Istana. To attend such an event, I need to spend $5 transport cost plus $5 meal or $10 in total. That is too expensive for a retiree like me.

After 4 months Q, my mother has to pay $30 for first consult at KTPH last week. That is over expensive for a housewife who has no income the whole life. The consultant is Dr Claude who come from Afirca. Fortunately, the Afircan like to serve subsidised patients. I find him skillfull in his job. If foreign doctor does not like to work at KTPH, my mother might have to Q 5 months. My mother's next appointment with the Afircan Doctor will be June. The Q is another 4 months.

I just can not imagine 2 years later, how long will the Q like if foreign doctor stop to work in Singapore. Can any SGrean do the job?

Weng Mao Fa said...

My father was hospitalized in Oct 2012. Part of his hip fractured. He stay 1/2 month at KTPH. When I visited him, I found a foregn doctor who is followed by two local medical students - a learning session.

After discharged, my father was transferred to AMK Community hospital. The staff nurse is a from philipine. The male nurse who take care my father is from Myanmar. Before discharged, I collect medicine from a Malaysian pharmacy.

My father was reffered to a neeigbhourhood rehab center - St. Adventist. He met a Malaysian Occupational Therapist for his first consult. A Physio Therapist from South India help my father every morning to do exercise. My father is doing well after 1 month. Every morning, a foregner from the rehab center walks to 6th floor to accompany my father to the ambulance parking at car park. They then bring my father for rehab session.

Dear fellow ciitzen, this is a real case to tell you my father would not have better quality of life had foreigner stop to work in our health care industry. Can you do the job?

WhyNot10million said...

Yes. The root cause your father is not being taken care by local Singaporean in the health industry is low wage which is not able to attract enough locals. Moreover the shortage is compounded by an increase of 1 million foreigners in Singapore in the past 10 years.

Yes we need the foreigners in the health industry to continue to work in Singapore for now but that does not justify the need to increase our population to 6.9 million by adding more foreigners.

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