Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rationalize our bus services

There are 500 bus services in Singapore. Yes, 500! Few people are aware about how complicated and messy Singapore has become. 

Due to competition between SBS and SMRT, there is some duplication of services. As the buses have to cover all the side roads, there are many services linking the same destinations but going on many side roads. 

This system is quite inefficient. The bus has to stop every 0.4 km and there are too many stops along the way. This leads to jerky buses and a long journey.

A better system is to have the bus stop every 2 km and have feeder buses to handle the intermediate stops, and also to take passengers along the side roads.

Commuters are already familiar with taking a feeder bus to the MRT station. It will be more convenient to take a feeder bus to the main bus stop, as the passenger alight and board the next bus at the same stop.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I felt that it is better to have bus stops nearer to the next one. Usually, I will wait for a bus. However, for the route you are familiar with and you knows that the buses will be very crowded at that point of time. I'll save a few cents to walk to the previous few stops to board. If it's a familiar route and I know it is a long-frequency bus (ie. long waiting arrival time), I will walk to the next few stops to save a few cents (ie I walk while I wait). At least it's good for my thigh muscles!

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