Sunday, April 28, 2013

Digital display of KM of bus stop

I have written to Land Transport Authority to suggest that each bus should have a digital display that shows the km of the next bus stop. This is the same km that is used for calculating the fare.

On boarding the bus, the commuter can check the km of the desired bus stop (say 12.6 km for thomson plaza) and pay attention to the km that is displayed at the stop. The commuter will know if he is arriving or has past the destination.

The passenger may have already found the km of the bus stop from an app, before boarding the bus.

The km proposal is an alternative to the bus stop number.

The LTA feedback manager said that she takes the bus, and does not need this information. I told her that I need passengers need this information when travelling at night or rain heavily or when taking a route that they are not familiar with.


Kin Lian Tan said...

I have sent this letter to the Minister for Transport and the Land Transport Authority.
I have asked them to call me for a discussion.
The digital display of the KM of next bus stop is easy and inexpensive to implement and will encourage greater use of our bus services, especially during the off-peak hours.

yujuan said...

After analyzing the MRT is very dangerous to travel, decided to try the public buses,and are surprised they are less crowded than the trains.
But are dismayed that we have to keep looking out to check whether we have arrived.
In China, the buses have recorded voice announcements, like our MRT, at every stop. Hope the operators could take up this cue to remove our anxiety of missing our stop.
Yet, our rides are enjoyable and comfortable.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the LTA or even bus operators don't comprehend or understand the anxiety of using "their excellent services".

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