Thursday, May 02, 2013

Potential changes in HDB policies?

There are some discussions along the following lines:

1. Remove the salary cap to qualify for HDB houses
2. Give subsidies (grants) according to level of income
3. Remove the executive condo (EC) scheme
4. Require HDB owners to sell their HDB flats when they buy a private property.

I support these moves. They will improve the supply of housing for the people. It will also help to stabilize prices.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Mr Tan, I would not agree with #1, the removing of income cap.
Why ?As it is, the demand for new HDB flats are still behind the pent up demand.

Imagine, very rich citizens claiming their equal rights to a subsidized public housing ? Sure, they may only sub let out only one room,and only use it as a weekend retreat from his sprawling estate.

yujuan said...

Agree with above, Mr. Tan is wrong this time. Public flats are not for the rich.

john said...

I support Mr Tan on #1. The salary cap is based on current salary. Suggest to use his average salary since his first employment to current instead.

This is because job security today is not a sure thing.

Some Managers/PHD got retrenched and can never find jobs which pay the same as before.

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