Sunday, April 28, 2013

Letter to Government Ministers

Here is a list of letters that I have sent to Government Ministers on issues affecting the lives of Singaporeans. In most cases, their response is quite unsatisfactory, such as:
  • No acknowledgement or reply
  • Giving a reply without understanding the issue
  • Refuse to call me for a discussion before giving their reply
This is why I advocate that this Government should be changed. Their current system of governance is bad for Singapore.


Bai Hu said...

Frankly speaking, last time it was not like that. They would send u a letter to reply your questions and also follow-up with a phone call at your home or your office. Times have really changed.

yujuan said...

The dida apa attitude displayed by the present Govt make us feel nostalgic about the past LKY's era, where Ministers, MPs and the Civil service really work to make life easier for us, and they were only paid peanuts for the job.
There is no more initiative to work these days, work more, work less, also paid handsomely, may as well "eat snake."

cd-rom said...

@yujuan: although I do not know whether their policies are 100% correct, but I sincerely think that they work much harder and longer hours than most Singaporeans.

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