Sunday, April 28, 2013

intimidation of Leslie Chew

Leslie Chew, the cartoonist of Demon-cratic Singapore, is being investigated by the Police for offences under the Sedition Act. 

I find this action to be intimidating and deplorable. Sedition are actions to incite disorder leading to the overthrow of the Government. His cartoons, suggesting that a minority might be unfairly treated, is an opinion that will hardly be taken seriously. 

Many Singaporeans are now quite worried whether their views and criticism of the Government might lead to investigation under the Sedition Act. 

This climate of fear is unwarranted. I urge Singaporeans to have more courage in expressing our views.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Sir, while I do not agree with you that Leslie' satirical catoons may not be taken seriously, your view about the SPF/AGC actions so far is nothing short of blatant intimidation is what I hold too.

Intimidation of anyone, who has differing views from this "coverment" seems the order of the day recently.

Sedition, Contempt of Court and the ISA are "legal" options but citing their use for insignificant incidences are, can I say, tactics to scare the population.

What Nat Con are we talking about?
It just reinforced my reading of the "Con" as referring to the unsavoury meaning instead of a short form of "conversation", no?

yujuan said...

Leslie did hint a message even if a hypothetical country was used.
However it does not warrant a Seditious Act, same as Amy Cheng.
Govt should be viewed as fair and just, and not be lenient to one with a slap on the wrist, and hard on another.
Just like we dun view LKY"s comment, that Malays here are more Muslim, less Malay as seditious.
It's a positive signal that Leslie is not yet charged, Govt is doing a balancing act here, it would burden the SPF even more if every act is seemingly seditious, almost all are just a storm in a small teacup.

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