Sunday, June 09, 2013

Choose the right life insurance policy - must read for young people

Many people find a life insurance policy to be confusing. This is likely to be the intent of the insurance company who designed the policy. By making it confusing to consumers, they are able to hide the essential facts that are required by the regulators to be disclosed to consumers in the Benefit Illustration.

The insurance agent (or financial adviser) is required to give you a Benefit Illustration for the policy that is being recommended to you. The trouble is – most consumers do not understand how to read the Benefit Illustration.

I will show you in this book what to look for in the Benefit Illustration, and you can then decide if the recommended policy is the right plan for you to invest your hard earned savings. The good news is – you do not need to spend many hours to understand what to look for. It only takes you 30 minutes!

I will also show you a better way to invest your hard earned savings to get a higher return than offered by most life insurance policies. And, if you need insurance protection to take care of your dependents in the event of premature death, or to pay for medical expenses, you will also find a better solution in this book.
For most working people in Singapore, the difference between the right and wrong choice can amount to more than $200,000.

All they need is to spend a few dollars and 30 minutes on this book and they will learn how to get a much better outcome for their savings. 

This PDF book "Choose the right life insurance policy" is now available for $4 at

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