Sunday, June 09, 2013

Review of COE system

I sent this letter to the Minister for Transport and the Land Transport Authority giving my suggestions on how to address the issue of high COE prices. We have to look at the root cause of the problem. The review of the COE system will not solve the problem.

I suggested that the regulation should be changed to allow owners to rent their cars to neighbours.


Xianlong said...

Root cause is not lack of alternatives for public transport. It is a symptom. Root cause is overpopulation on this tiny island. Just a short while back PUB launched the 5min shower to save water. Then exploring how to tap underground water.

These are a result of overpopulation. Mynmar has just opened up & Coca Cola is setting up shop there. There's plenty of business to a population much of which didn't tasted Coke. Similarly, the PAP ought go there make $$ instead of leeching S'poreans.

They are paid millions so they ought to be good in other countries instead of sucking own citizens instead.

Unknown said...

Under “4.2 Bus Services”, I agree with the listed suggestion where it’s better to have trunk roads busses to stop lesser and having smaller buses for feeder services. We need to distinguish them more clearly.
Similar to Seoul (size is quite similar to Singapore), they have similar system. They even colour their busses differently to differentiate the services (trunk road or feeder services). They have our normal size bus (blue colour) that run on trunk roads & mini bus (green colour) to run feeder services. On top of that they also have red colour bus that runs outskirt (outside of Seoul city) and yellow color busses that runs tourist spots.

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