Monday, June 10, 2013

Wisdom on how to live life - Dr Tommy Wong (books 1 to 5)

Dr. Tommy Wong, professor turned international author, has written five books on "Wisdom on How to Live Life".

These books are written in a conversational style, which makes them easy to read and understand. The topics covered by the conversations are relevant to daily living in a place such as Singapore. In his books, Dr. Wong brings out the important message of paying attention to the spiritual aspect of living, rather than just focusing on the materialistic aspect. This change in focus can be comforting to those who are experiencing stress in their daily life.

This series of books (hard copy) is selling at $100-. Dr. Wong has now made the PDF version available for sale at $35-.

Comment by Tan Kin Lian: I like the writing style of Dr. Tommy Wong. He is able to bring the message across clearly using the dialogue format. This is the same format used by Plato in his al.-time famous book, "The Republic". Definitely a book worth reading (actually - 5 books!)

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