Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Managing your appointments

t is quite troublesome to schedule an appointment. Most people are busy and just to fix a time slot takes a lot of time.
This can be resolved using the "Appointment" system in TKL Cloud.
You can indicate the time slots that are available for a meeting or telephone call. People can choose the slot and book it. 
It is like seeing a doctor. 
This can be used for property agents to schedule viewing visits or for customers to consult an insurance adviser or other consultants.
To learn about this, attend the Briefing session on 21 June.

Someone wanted to see me at 11.30 am this morning. He did not turn up. I called him, and his reason was "I did not confirm". I actually sent an email to tell him "OK".
This type of missed appointment is quite often. They only need to send email to reconfirm.

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