Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hidden charges by UOB credit card

Raymond Fong said,
Dear Mr Tan,
I am frustrated that UOB Cards is imposing hidden charges in the following manner. The amount in Singapore dollars displayed by the merchant that I see on my computer screen is the amount I am willing to pay. How can such the following practice by UOB be allowed?

Customers of UOB Cards should not use their UOB credit card when purchasing products online from merchant that are based overseas when they post their products in Singapore dollars. UOB will charge them with a hidden charge of 0.8%. This will not be reflected in their credit card bill as a separate charge, but as a total charge. For example, I just recently made a purchase of a product listed as SGD487.18 by the online merchant based overseas. I used my UOB credit card to pay, and my credit card bill was listed as SGD491.08. Please go check your UOB bills properly from now onwards. I have called UOB but the customer service officer said that it's cross border charge and it cannot be waived.

This is not true because Citibank Singapore does not impose such a hidden charge. I have been using Citibank credit card for years to do such purchases but Citibank has never ever pull this stunt on me before.

This is the first time after so many years that I switched back to using UOB credit card. I think I will stop using it further since I have no confidence when UOB will have other hidden charges again.

Most businesses in Singapore do not understand what is ethical and what is not. They are so greedy to make profit, that they will carry out unethical activities.
Blame it on the government for failing to set a good example, and for failing to take action against bad practices. They prefer to do nothing.


yujuan said...

When you use UOB Credit Card to pay your Agoda and Budget Airline tickets, you also have hidden charges to pay, only revealed in your next monthly statement.
What can you do, it's legal under Singapore laws.
When you check your Raffles Hospital Bill, whether for consultation, surgery or hospitalization, you have to pay an extra fee, a percentage of total bill, also legal. What can you do?

Wu Sihao said...

I have used my Standard Chartered Manhatten Card to pay for my airfare (Air France) and faced the same issue.

Un-transparent and poor business ethics to slap an extra 0.8% cross border fee. As I have already authorised an amount as per the amount charged on the invoice.

This extra was not authorised by me!

Bank response is that this is stated in rules and regulations of using the credit card.

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