Sunday, March 09, 2014

Prepare for a coalition government

Eric Ng 
Hi Mr. Tan,
What will happen if the G lost the GE and were voted out. The biggest opposition party win the GE in a watershed election, and did not win the parliamentary seats by over 50%, will the G and the winning opposition party form a coalition government or will the G become the opposition and the winning opposition party form a coalition government with a third party.

It will be a good outcome for Singapore if the PAP win less than 50% of the seats in the next general election.
The most likely outcome is they will continue to govern through a coalition government. This will lead to changes in some of the bad policies that have been pursued by PAP for the past three decades.
Singapore will see change, and a better future.
Some of the current ministers, who do not like the current PAP policies, are likely to change their focus and make better use of our reserves to improve lives for the people.

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yujuan said...

Tan Cheng Bok hinted one of the Indian Minister is most probably the only PAP member who is of "PM material", the rest are wishy washy
Looking what is happening in Singapore, perhaps TCB is right.

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