Friday, March 14, 2014

Mystery surrounding MH 370

The disappearance of MH 370 is baffling. 

1) There are two evidences that it crashed in the South China Sea, between Malsysia and Vietnam. There was the sighting by the oil rig worker and the debris captured by the China satellite. 

2) There was the radar reading by the Malaysia Air Force that it was diverted to the West and data readings that the plane flew for a few hours after being out of contact. 

In your view, which is more likely to have happened?

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yujuan said...

It took almost a week before the Malaysian Govt admits the plane had deviated from its usual flight path in the opposite direction. If they are less prideful and more forthright, perhaps there is better chance to find the plane quickly.
Better to have the plane kidnapped than have technical problems, at least there is hope, but if plane runs out of fuel and crash somewhere, then habis. Very crystal clear, terrorism at work.
Pray our Singapore Authorities dun try to act smart and make condemnation if it's confirmed.
Can't even control our own backyard in little India, better shut our gap.

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