Sunday, March 09, 2014

Malaysian Airlines crash - MH370

Someone asked for my views about the MH370 crash, whether it was due to competition from budget airlines that lead to lowering of security standards. 

The airlines and airport authorities are so busy on useless security checks that they overlook a simple thing as someone travelling on a fake passport or on a passport that was reported to be lost. It is time for them to focus on the real risks, rather than following stupid SOP blindly.
Rather than asking for tighter airport security, they should review their current SOP and focus more on the real risks. They should be more alert, and adopt practical steps.
The risk of airline crash is less than 1 in 3 million flights, MH370 included. See the statistics here:

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yujuan said...

The immigration at our own airport has questionable security precautions. They place too much emphasis on checking luggage and body scans, but they don't really scrutinize the passport photo to the passenger's face.
It's safer to avoid taking SIA flights, as our Foreign Ministry has always been too howlian for Singaporeans' good, ever ready to show off condemning any terrorist act happening in far off countries.
Dun provoke the devil to take revenge.

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