Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bad business practice of NETS

I wish to bring out a bad business practice of NETS, the issuer of the cash card. This type of bad practice should be stopped. Responsible business should operate more ethically.

I bought a cash card from a 7-eleven store. I paid $5 as deposit for the cash card and top up with money to be used. The cash card was faulty after a few months. I went to my bank kiosk and they refunded back the balance, excluding the $5 deposit.

I checked with my bank on how to get the $5 refund for the faulty card. They checked with NETS and told me that I had to complete a serially numbered form from the bank and submit it to NETS for a refund.

NETS do not provide a soft copy form that can be downloaded from the internet. I suspect that they did it intentionally to make it difficult for the customer to get the refund.

I visited the bank branch to complete the form. The bank helped to submit the completed form to NETS.

I received a reply from NETS that they had already refunded the balance to me. I called their call center and could not get to speak to their staff after waiting for 10 minutes. I sent an email to them to ask about the $5 that was to be returned. They replied by email that the $5 was not refundable.

Here are the issues;

1. If the $5 was not refundable, even for a faulty card, why not state it clearly in their website and in their refund form?
2. Why make the customer go through so much trouble and then tell the customer that the $5 was not refundable?
3. Was this an attempt by NETS to tell the authority that they are making a refund for a faulty card and then create obstacles for the customer to get the refund?
4. Is NETS trying to cheat the customer of what is rightfully due to them?

I find this business practice to be bad. It should be stopped.

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