Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Accept uncertainty

Many people are not able to accept uncertainty. If you make a request that is 80% clear and 20% vague, they will find it difficult to work in that environment. Often the 20% that is vague is not critical for the completion of the project.

The mindset of these people is that they need the requirement to be spelled out 100% clearly and completely. This tends to lock up the project tightly, with difficulty to make changes. It takes too long to define completely what is not clear at the initial stage.

A flexible approach comprises of the following:

a) A clear purpose and a plan to achieve that purpose that is not fully specified. What is vague at the initial stage can be specified at a later date.
b) A willingness to experiment and modify the plan based on experience.

This will develop a lean and entrepreneurial approach.

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Anonymous said...

I find that intelligent Singaporeans START out okay with handling uncertainty (by using common sense). The problem arises when they begin to overthink the situation (like how MBAs are taught in Business Schools). That's why I find that the more educated the Singaporean is, the trouble they have with projects that are not 100% crystal clear. I am educated enough myself but have worked overseas with people who constantly look at the BIG PICTURE and move forward amid uncertainty.

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